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Empower your voice


"Nobody listens to me, I am too silent, too loud, I don't connect and like my voice, I have no idea about how to use my voice".

Is any of this familiar to you? Let's change NOW!

Using, being, understanding our voices is something else. It is powerful. It can calm us, ground us, empower us and motivate us!

Understanding our voices means understanding ourselves as a whole, no matter if you use your voice as a professional tool or not.

The voice is and can be present every day, at work, at cafes, at home, with loved ones, in conflict situations, in groups, in a dialogue, as manager, artist, cook, mother, father, teacher, student, builder, hairstyler…

I have been working with my voice as a musician since 2011, since 2017 as a voice coach and facilitator.I guided, coached and provided support to professional singers, amateur singers, kids, choirs, facilitators or different groups, e.g. in the culture sector and in the female empowerment movement. 

In my approach I focus on the personality as a whole, the body and mind where the voice lives in. Having a voice is a truth we can all agree on, of course implying that your voice (throat, larynx, vocal folds, diaphragm) is healthy.


We can feel comfortable with our voices, in our bodies and minds,

YOU can feel comfortable with your voice!

and I want to help you to feel that comfortable feeling.


With a bouquet of tools and knowledge, that will help you to empower yourself:

*voice and breathing technique,

*communication with yourself and others,

*being in the here and now

*understanding your judging mind

*understanding your strengths and how to strengthen them,

*presence in different situations,

*(detecting limits, limitations, fears)

*knowing and being aware of the usage of your voice. 

Get your personal coaching now!

Length: 30 min./session

where: on the phone or skype

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