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Get yourself heard!

Find your own voice with love, fun and clarity!

Due to the current restrictions I am exclusively teaching online (until further notice)
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Vienna * Online



„The secret to happiness is freedom...

And the secret to freedom is courage"

Find your voice and get yourself heard!

For beginners, active singers, professionals, choirs, ensembles. Take me to singing!


Voice & Speakingtraining

Understand how to use your voice more easily and more assertive without feeling hoarse.

For teachers, presentors, everbody in speking professions. More Info here.


​Facilitation & Communication

You want to communicate while using and understanding your potentials and strengths, you want to have a clear position in a meeting or any conflict situation and

you don't want to be "overruled" or talked over?

You are interested in getting helpful practical tips for presentations?

If your answer is "yes"?, click here.


​Presence & Performancetraining

No matter if career, work, private or stage life, learn how to be present and authentic in every situation. 

And understand how to implement YOUR way in body language, voice and behavior!

Find out more about it.

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Hi! My name is Helene - Leni - Griesslehner.

I am the voice behind Enjoy your Voice.

It is my pleasure to coach and support people - pop/jazzsingers, beginners, professionals, presenters or voice interested people  - in finding their way of expressing their voice.

I love and embrace my work since over 8 years.

I appreciate it everyday I meet new singers or speakers, because I love to understand the different needs and wishes and support the unique potentials of each single person.

More about me and my projects.

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"With Leni I can finally make my voice sound and at the same time learn a lot about my breathing and myself."

"Leni helps me free my voice. I am learning a lot about breathing and mostly about myself!"

Andrea A (physiotherapist and osteopath)


Vienna * Online




Voice and presence coaching
Voice and Presence Coaching


Workshops and talks
Workshop and Talks

"The secret of freedom is courage" ,

so let's get groovy!

Get to know your instrument voice better and use your entire vocal potential. Whether in the shower, at the next wedding or on stage.

For beginners, active singers & professionals, young people, ensembles and choirs. I want to sing!

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