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​presence + performance training

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Being in the here and now is high art! But the good news is ... everyone can learn it!

Being fully present brings vitality, joy and playfulness to our lives. It opens our minds to what's going on right here and now, perceiving and making use of the unique opportunities each moment offers, deepening relationsships, understanding and empowering emotions or releasing upcoming stress.

By understanding how we are constantly getting lost in simulated reality and judgments we learn how to let go of the filters that get between us and our surroundings. In doing so we begin to engage with our world – and the people in it – with a fresh, more open attitude. We discover a newfound sense of freedom, calm and joy.

I work in a dynamic and humorous way involving participants through exercises (from acting, playfulness, body/voice), demonstrations and dialogue.

I recommend to book Presencetraining as a group with at least 4 participants, to lean from and with each other.

STAGE and ARTIST PERFORMANCE TRAINING - Being present on stage!

The lights in the hall go out and the stage lightens up!

You enter this magical place and all eyes are focussed on you - Are you ready?

Being on stage, as a performer, speaker, presentor is a unique experience and maybe one of the most "present" moments. It can be magical, frightened, uplifting, overwhelming, uncomfortable or powerful. The more you are on stage, the more routined you get, the more comfortable you may feel. But you can prepare for stage to get the "best" out of the experience, and further more stay connected with your intentions.

Being present on stage is also about connecting with your audience (and with your band members) and making them feel what YOU feel when you are performing. Coaching can help you clarifying your intention and finding your communication style to build audience relations.

I will help you to find your way of performing that fits your personality and stage persona.

  • Discover movements, body language and positions that fit your style

  • Understanding your stage persona, your intention, your message

  • Use stage movement to communicate

  • Looking and feeling more confident and professional

  • Dramaturgy of your set - speech - performance

  • Creating emotional “moments” in your songs or performance

  • How to work with your songs so they don’t all sound the same

  • If you are a group, we will work on sounding tight and finding "one" voice

  • Improving transitions between songs, words...

I offer one-on-one coaching and full-band coaching.

Solo performers: Book a private session (usually one hour, but it can be longer if you wish).

Bands: Best to book at least a couple of hours or a half day. 

Most bands start losing energy and attention span after 5 hours.

We can work via Skype with quieter lineups such as solo artists and duos, but not bands that include a live drummer.

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​Präsenz- und Performancetraining: Dienstleistungen
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