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Voice & Speech Coaching

Together we will work on questions like:


How can I empower my assertive voice?

How do I react in different situations ?

How can I support my message and intention with my voice and body?

How can I make my way of speaking more genuine?

Communication is the top skill in demand, as well as in our professional world as also in all kind of relations  and voice training concentrates on the non-verbal parts of communication!


  Posture - presence with body and voice
  Breathing - technique of natural voice guidance and support
  Voice training - the functional, healthy voice
  Sound and vocal flexibility - modulation, resonance range, speaking position
  The "swallowed" voice
  Speaking technique - articulation, emphasis, pause & speaking tempo
  Practical application to texts and conversational situations
  Body and movement exercises
  Spatial perception
  Games for voice, pulse, perception (group)

  Confident appearance through greater voice awareness
  Discovering your own sustainable and sonorous voice
  Increased vitality of the voice and more volume without effort
  conscious use of the voice in different conversational situations
  Slowing down the flow of speech
  confidently conveying messages with pauses, differentiated emphasis
  as well as "full stops and commas"
  Enjoying the sound of your own voice

Your voice is your unique acoustic fingerprint! Let's make it sound like you!

Do you spend a lot of time speaking at meetings, having one-on-one discussions, leading teams, speaking to large groups, teaching classes or giving workshops?

Are you relying on your voice for your job?

Do you sometimes feel hoarse after a long day of working with your voice or do want to know how sound more convincing?

Tell me about your challenges, goals and wishes and book an introductory lesson or a non-binding initial consultation!

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