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Vocal coaching


In my coaching and teaching it is important to me to create a safe space full of playfully discovering one owns voice, having fun, laughing, feeling empowered. I want my students and clients to find and enjoy their voices in a flexible and relaxed way.

I use voice technique exercises, body awareness, focus on body posture and empowerment of the individual sound.

In the lessons we will work on the following singing techniques:

  • exercises to strengthen the various areas of your voice

  • build a bridge between your voices

  • improve pitch and tone

  • build dynamics

  • increase your range, endurance and strength

  • timing and phrasing

  • improve breath control

  • find your voice and your style

  • Songwriting



Vocalcoaching: Dienstleistungen

Services Vocalcoaching

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When we sing we are happy and stay more healthy, especially if we do it together! Being happy and sharing our happiness in a group - what else do we want ;)? If you are a member of a singing group or choir, I am sure you know that feeling. As choirsinger and -leader I know it myself. Therefor I specialize in working with groups, because it is so beautifully powerful, magical and fun. I also founded my own choir in Vienna and am also steadily coaching choirs.

For existing or newly founded Choirs/Groups I offer coaching, if

  • you are curious in getting voice-technique inputs

  • you feel stuck with a song and need some guidance and inputs to move further

  • you want to work on your blending and voice colours

  • you want to listen better and more carefully

  • you want to prepare for a concert

I also offer 1:1 coachings for Choir-leaders. Contact me if you need a guidance - empower session!

Vocalcoaching: Dienstleistungen

Services Vocalcoaching

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for beginner and curious minds

Get out of your comfort zone! ... but in a comfortable way. With Enjoy your Voice you can feel safe and at the same time learn to empower new or hidden qualities and potentials.

Come, if

  • you want to want to get to know your voice better and on a deeper level,

  • you want to know how to really "listen",

  • you want to feel safe and secure while singing,

  • you want to sing quiet and loud easily on different pitches,

  • you want to know more about support and speaking,

  • you want to learn a specific song or more about improvisation, interpretation,

  • you are just curious and open to learn something new in your life and playfully challenge yourself.


Tipp! Singelsessions are unique and special! A magical me-time! But you can share this time with a friend or partner, and at the same time share costs ;)! Check out  Rates.

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for active, experienced singers

As a professional singer, actress or performer you precisly know how to work with your voice and how to create magic with it. But sometimes we all need some new, fresh inputs in our creative everday life as pros. Get a refreshing coaching session, if

  • you want to refresh your technique or get new ideas,

  • you want to try yourself in a new musical language like Jazz and Pop,

  • you are struggling with a topic and need a little guidance and empowering to move further

  • you want to enhance and extend your musical power and potential

  • you want to create and design a more magical performance

  • you need coaching for an upcoming audition or exam

  • you are an Ensemblesinger and want to dig deeper into your individual sound.

Jugendliche Sing Pop and Groove Mauerbac

​for kids and youngsters

Do you love to listen to your favorite pop stars on Youtube or the Radio? You even love to sing along or make your own recordings of your version? 

Everybody is telling you, that you got a beautiful voice or you are a choir member and just want to find out if you got potential to be a singer?

Let's find it out together!

Coaching and Vocalteaching for kids and youngsters is very special to me. Playfulness, body awarness, looseness and especially fun to perform and sing are crucial, because the voice is still modifying and developing.

I believe it is wonderful to start singing as soon as you (or your kid if she/he has the urge to sing) feel like it!

I recommend to work with Pop/Jazz-Vocaltechnique for youngsters from 10+.

For kids form 6 years on, I offer playful voice training, on demand.

Vocalcoaching: Dienstleistungen

Your voice to take away

You want to record your favorite song with your voice on it? I will record your voice and make a mixed recording to take away.

Vocalcoaching: Über uns
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