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Where do the classes take place?
The offline lessons take place in 1070 Vienna,
depending on the possibility and taking into account all safety precautions.

Are there also online lessons?
Yes, of course. For the online sessions I use the Zoom platform. You will need a quiet place, a stable internet connection, a laptop with a camera and for vocal lessons possibly a playback for your desired song (we will discuss).

I would like to work on my voice -.
It has been a need of mine for a long time. How can you help me?
Showing interest in your voice is the first step and in my opinion a good one - because your voice is YOUR acoustic fingerprint. I can accompany you to make yourself more audible, to get more involved with your voice, to perceive it and yourself in different situations and to deal with it in a flexible way. I work with exercises from breathing and speech techniques, speech therapy, presence work and communication theory (and of course vocal technique when singing).

Can I come to class as a couple?
Yes, of course. Learning from each other and singing together is inspiring and fun.
For each extra person I charge € 10,- in addition to the normal price.

I have heard that "everyone can sing".
I'm not quite sure if that applies to me ;) - can I learn it anyway?

Yes, you can learn. As long as you can speak - your vocal folds are vibrating freely and there are no other diseases in the larynx/lung area, you can sing ;)... so now you can start - with a lot of patience, desire and openness.

Can I deduct voice coaching for tax purposes?
Voice technique or voice coaching can usually be deducted if you consult with your employer or if you need your voice for your self-employment (speaking professions, therapy, ...). Especially if you are employed, ask your employer in advance. As a professional musician, it should also be possible to deduct vocal training. It is best to ask your tax advisor about this.

What happens if I have to cancel?
Please read the cancellation clause before we work together:

In lessons, whether in individual, small group or group settings, trust and reliability are especially important to me as a coach. Working and making music together has a high value and quality for both partners - and quality has its price, so please understand that I have to charge 100% for appointments that are not cancelled 26 hours in advance, or count units within a block as counted.

EXCEPTIONS: limiting or contagious illness,

Covid-19 symptoms/positive test result, acute accident, bereavement.

Tarife: Portfolio

vocal coaching

50 Minutes

OFFLINE Vocal/Musicsession

single session: € 90-*

5 clip card: € 375,-* 

10 clip card: € 700,-*

25 Minutes​

5 clip card: € 187,5

10 clip card: € 350,-

* + € 10,- extra per person per session

reduced rates available


Voice / Presence

50 minutes



Contact me for one

personal conversation where we will talk about your goals, the possibilities and the framework! Targeted for presentations, appearances, (Zoom) meetings or performances as teachers or lecturers and all people who want to develop their voice.


Choir / band coaching & Workshops

Duration by arrangement


Whether for private or professional purposes; I design workshops and seminars for groups of 4 or more. We clarify your wishes and goals in a preliminary discussion.


   Voice/speech technique

Empowering presence

Choir singing

Circle Singing

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