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Speaking & Singing

Make yourself sound like you!

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Helene - Leni - Griesslehner

Find your own voice with joy and clarity!

Vienna & Online

You can also book all my services in German!

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work with me in a group


For people interested in growing their voice in a group or

in a choir setting

Groupchoaching Singing

from March 14th 2024

The course can be held in german/english

Drop in Pop Up choir

Groove Pop Up Choir

Monthly Choir session

no longtime commitment

just jump right in!


For everyone who wants to be more confident and self-assured with their voice. For private individuals, entrepreneurs, teachers, podcasters. 

Online course "Make yourself sound like you"*

workshops for teachers

by arrangement

seminars, workshops & talks for companies

focus: speaking voice, presence, communication

by arrangement



Vocal Coaching

„The secret of freedom is courage“,

Get to know your instrument voice better and use your full vocal potential. Whether in the shower, at the next wedding or on stage.

For beginners, active singers & professionals, youth, ensembles and choirs.


Voice and Speech Coaching

Your voice is your unique acoustic imprint!

Whether in your private life, at work or on stage - learn to be present and genuine and bring coherence to your body language, voice and behavior! Get to know your voice as your authentic trademark by communicating more clearly!

For: Individuals (1:1 Coaching), Groups, Teams


Free Webinar (only German - this time)


Register for the upcoming webinar (GERMAN) on tuesday, January 30th - 6.30 pm and receive your free workbook!

Topic of the webinar:

Power of presence (being in the now) and its effect on mind, body, breath and voice!

Start your Voice Empowerment NOW!

Possible ideas for your coaching

I'm too quiet and can't be heard.
My voice often breaks.
I have an important presentation coming up - I would like support for it.
I would like to be able to manage (control) my voice better.
Presenting, communicating, discussing, preparing and then keeping my voice - that's a lot.
I want my voice to stay healthy.
I don't feel confident with my voice.
I want to bring more expression into my speech and voice.
My throat hurts after long speaking sessions.
I am not taken as seriously because of my gender (gendered voice bias) or my origin (accent bias).
Voice - speaking and singing - is just fun for me and I want more of it.


Does something remind you of yourself?
Or do you have a completely different request? Then let me know and we can discuss your wishes!


"With Leni I can finally make my voice sound and at the same time learn a lot about my breathing and myself."

"Leni helps me free my voice. I am learning a lot about breathing and mostly about myself!"

Andrea A (physiotherapist and osteopath)


This is me

Hi! My name is Helene - Leni - Griesslehner.

I am the voice behind Enjoy your Voice.

It is my pleasure to coach and support people - pop/jazzsingers, beginners, professionals, presenters or voice interested people  - in finding their way of expressing their voice.

I love and embrace my work since over 8 years.

I appreciate it everyday I meet new singers or speakers, because I love to understand the different needs and wishes and support the unique potentials of each single person.

Über mich

Values in my coaching


Your wishes and goals are at the centre of the training. You will not only receive empowering tools from me, but also two open ears - from beginning to the end of our work.

Voice & Mind

Your personality sounds through your voice. Your thoughts, attitudes and behaviour are therefore just as important as your breath, body and vocal exercises.

No one-size-fits-all

Regardless of whether you are learning about voice for the first time, regularly speak with & in front of people or are about to give an important presentation. I adapt the training content and pace to your current situation.

Make yourself sound like you

"I feel that Helene Grießlehner gives me wonderful professional and personal support in working with my voice, breathing and (vocal) presence. I take a lot from the warm and pleasant lessons with her - and have a lot of fun doing it."

Anna Grüssinger (Trainerin, Regisseurin)
Read the original Review (german)

In the coaching - our collaboration - you develop:


You know your thoughts, ideas and values. You understand the context of your actions.
Your words and your ideas, your attitude and your tone match. You are certain and can therefore be effective in your own way!


You are aware of your voice. You know how to guide and shape it - how to speak more confidently and openly! You speak and make an impact! You are aware of yourself and are present in your own way!

Expressive strength

Your voice is given space through practice and guidance, through breath support and a clear attitude towards your values, your physical expression and your tone. You are congruent, present and expressive in your own way!

Why I am your Coach - or not!
In the process I accompany you
at eyelevel (genuine, approachable, honest, focussed)
with humour (fail cheerfully and grow as a result)

with knowledge and lots of practical experience
holistic (mi
nd, body, breath, voice, context)
push free (only the loud and tough get through -> B.S. I don't believe in that*!)
*You do? Then let's start with your beliefs right away)

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Get yourself heard NOW!


Get in contact

1070 Vienna * Online

Make an appointment for a free info call.
Together we will discuss your current voice status quo, goals and a training plan.

Empower your voice now!
I look forward to hearing you!

Thanks very much!

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