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Voice Training for Teachers

Stimmtraining Stimmcoaching Lehrer Lehrende Wien

Empower your voice as teacher!

A strong and confident voice not only empowers the speaker but also the listener. The conscious use of voice is essential, especially in educational and social fields of work.

Learn methods for supportive and empowering breathing, melodious and varied speech patterns. Examine the effect of posture on the voice, your personal sound and challenging vocal scenarios. The aim is to understand where your own vocal potential lies and how each person can use it mindfully and efficiently.

Through my own work as a teacher and voice coach, I know both the side of school work and at the same time have a great deal of knowledge and experience in voice guidance.

I also hold seminars on this topic at the University of Vienna, at Mathematik machte Freu(n)de or as part of Schilf(s).

Practical tips for voice and communication at school
and for online presentations

Protecting your voice (after long stretches of speech)

The voice as an instrument
Anatomy of the speech apparatus
Breath and support
Posture - body - presence
Resonance spaces - tone colours

Tools for making your way of sounding and speaking efficiant:
Pronunciation rules - articulation
Tempo - pause - emphasis
Volume - Modulation
Know your context


Theoretical knowledge * practical exercises * reflection
Worksheets and information material is included

Bookable as individual or group coac

I offer Voice Training Workshops for Teachers

*as short format: 180 minutes

*as intense format: 3 - 6 hours or up to 2 days + individual sessions

Contact me now for your non-binding introductory phone call.

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