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Über mich: Willkommen

About Me

I am your dynamic, empathetic companion.
I look forward to you and your voice!

In a nutshell

Helene - Leni - Griesslehner

Years of pedagogical experience as an independent voice coach with numerous clients, pupils and students in individual and group settings

Work Experience:

Teacher K12 (10-18 years)

freelance facilitator, singer, arranger, composer

Project manager in the cultural sector, university lecturer,
Press employee & radio designer


Musicology (University of Vienna)

Jazz singing pedagogy (Bruckner University Linz)

School music (MDW Vienna)


Further training in Estill Voice Training, Vocal Leadership, Intelligent Choir & Vocal painting, speaking techniques, coaching


Startstipendium des Bundeskanzleramt Österreich 2015
Kunststipendium des Landes Niederösterreich 2020

I am passionate about diversity and inclusion,

potential instead of achievements,

listening instead of being loud

more female and flinta voices


A song that really inspires me right now

Do you have a little more time? Here we go...

I believe that everybody can find her or his best way of expression:

One more in interpreting, one more in writing and singing lyrics or in giving speeches.

I am trying to give inputs and to support each kind of way and personality.

Coz‘ that is what it is all about – voice and personality!

Private matters:

I was raised in very small village, 45 km from the beautiful city of Vienna. When I was little I could not stop singing, but my first dream job was not to be a singer, but a Vet. After understanding that studying veternarian medicine is the second longest studies, I decided to go with music. Coz' still: Music was my first love! Together with my sister, who is also a singer, I sang through what felt like the entire Carinthian song literature and what was then current radio pop music, mostly in 3-part harmony. Also if Austria, especially Vienna is well-known for classical music, I could not stop thinking about the world of jazz, improvising with my voice and composing, so I applied to study Jazz Vocals. For me, rhythm and groove are always the foundation of everything I do - whether I'm making music, singing in a choir, speaking or coaching.

Teaching in English:

I have been living, studying and working abroad - France, Belgium, Denmark. I have always been amazed by first) the voice and second) expression. Expressing myself in different languages feels great. I love to get to know other perspectives than from within my bubbles - therefor it was crucial for me to get fit in the English language! I taught and gave presentations in English; I collaborated with international artists or co-workers; I learnt so many new things from people around the world. This is why I am offering sessions in English - because I love the language and because I like to work with people with different backgrounds and stories.

Equality and diversity:
In my individual coaching sessions and workshops, I focus on voice, presence and, above all, coherence.I pay particular attention to the empowerment of women in my work. In many sectors and situations (meetings, etc.), female, FLINTA and trans voices are underrepresented, discriminated against or ignored. With my work I want to help change this imbalance vocally.

Training and experience:
I completed my training as a jazz/pop singing teacher at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz.In 2015, I received the Start Scholarship for Music and Performing Arts from the Austrian Federal Chancellery.My concert career, with more than 300 concerts, has already taken me all over Austria as well as to Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Romania, Denmark and Malta.With additional training in speaking technique, coaching and a master's degree in pedagogy (music teaching - secondary I and II) at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and the Rhythmisk Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, I am increasingly focussing on vocal presence and personality as a whole.I am currently finding new input in the "Vocal Leadership" training programme at Codarts Rotterdam.

My Way of Working

What is important to me in coaching:

Joy, humour, feeling good, looseness ;)

Inclusion of the whole body - the physical warm-up
(warm-up plays an important part
in my work - It's about relaxation, letting go and opening up)

Releasing "false" sources of power (throat!)

Accuracy for your own voice - after all, you should be able to handle your voice well outside of the coaching sessions (e.g. at school, at work, on stage)

Room to grow

trust, respect & appreciation

Trommeln auf Sand

In my work, I get inspired by:

breathing technique - yoga - dance - speech technique - my artistic work - science in communication & rethorics - body percussion - academic education

...additional training (excerpt)...

Estill Voice Training: Articulation & Intonation / Dr. Stefanie Rummel

Estill Voice Training 1 + 2 / Gerald Marko

mikrostimme - speaking training / Dagmar Kutzenberger

The Intelligent Choir / Jim Hernoe

Vocal Leadership Module 1 / Codarts Rotterdam

Coaching / PH Vienna

Bunte Notizbücher

Artists that inspired me since I was young:

Joni Mitchell - Nirvana - Stereophonics - RHCP - Kosheen - Moloko - Erykah Badu - K's Choice - Tori Amos - Regina Spektor - Grace Jones - ESB Trio - Portishead - Chet Baker - Roisin Murphy - Hiatus Kayote - Gustav - Heliocentrics - Snarky Puppy - Stromae - Alt-J - James Blake - Lianne LaHavas - Bazar - Little Dragon - The Do, etc ..

Upcoming events

Über mich: Dienstleistungen
Über mich: Über mich
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