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Peppermint Altenberg 9.4.17 (c) Franz Jo


Über mich: Dienstleistungen

My own projects

Über mich: Unterricht
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helahoop is my musical "baby", my alter ego. I started that project after my first bad break up. Since then I was exploring the computer as an instrument. I started to appreciate the great and diverse possibility I could create with electronic music. Since then I was performing with computer and voice, mostly solo as also with dear friends.

sounds like hoop:  Duo with Sounds of Dea

(Bass, Stimmen, Computer bzw. Bass, Stimmen, Klavier)

helahoop - Turninglights

hg _ Karo Hogl 2017.jpg

HG's music cabaret

“Every pot finds its lid… or you take aluminum foil” a musical and humorous relationship (advice) journey.


“The therapist Karl von Nordhausen has published a new guidebook on relationships and their stages. Now he hires the social media marketing manager Susi, who is supposed to bring it to women and men with Insta and Facebook. Through their own relationship, they themselves learn more about Karl's book than they would like. With original compositions, arrangements and music by Prince, Sixpence non the Richer, Sam Smith and others “HG are Helene Griesslehner and Hubert Gredler


Deyanda Live.jpg


music, that moves your soul.


Deyanda is a project consisting of eight female musicians with different backgrounds,

but with a great dedication to female intuition in composing and making music together. Deyanda's music is inspired by traditional arabic music as also contemporary Jazz.

With Anna Dirnberger: Percussion, Klavier, Vocal. Tanja Süss: Cello. Maria Klebel: Schlagzeug, Percussion. Gabriela Zdrenghea: Percussion. Verena Berg, Helene Griesslehner, Basma Jabr, Katharina Doppelbauer: Vocals.



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Über mich: Über mich

More to listen to...

Jazz / Pop Covers: Live Videos

Pop Covers: Audio Soundcloud

Classic: Brecht / Weill & Schubert The Müller and the Bach Cover:

Electro-Swing: Kiss Me Yesterday (Front-Singer 2012-2015)

Cooperation Hip Hop: Kravali feat. helahoop - Grant

Cooperation Rock: Lost in Majority feat. Helene Griesslehner - You'll be mine

Cooperation Electro-Swing: Vassili Gemini feat. Hela - Sun

Vassili Gemini feat. Hela - a little rumba

Vassili Gemini feat. Hela - Kalimba

Über mich: Projekte
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