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Communication + facilitation training


Communicate clearly, to get heard!

Sometimes we get stuck in (professional) communication processes because conflicts arise, difficult topics are discussed, we feel run over or because we have not voiced our real thoughts and needs. Our mood, our behavior and our relationships often suffer.

In order to communicate clearly and be heard, we sometimes need to move out of our own comfort zone. In the communication & facilitation coaching we look for and analyze our own empowered communication strategy outside this zone, with feel-good factor ;)!

Strengthening one's own speaking position means to acknowledge one's own thoughts and needs, to know one's strengths, to live diversity of opinion and to share and accept experiences and opinions in a non-judgmental way.

The role of the facilitator
Facilitators play a very special role in the communication process: Their task is to lead and guide communication: through conferences, meetings, events or panel discussions.

In the moderation technique workshop we deal with different moderation situations and combine each of them with practical exercises. How do moderations work best, how do I address my audience, how do I use my voice best, how do I initiate and continue conversations, and how does a confident appearance work?

  Defining your own potential and strengths

  Empowering communication patterns - focus: women and flinta personas
  Facilitation questions

  The power of listening
  Communication in conflict situations and negotiations
  Relationship and communication
  Giving and receiving feedback
  Posture (body, nervousness, attitude towards the topic and the audience)
  Voice and speech (pitch, modulation, tempo... - getting the message across)
  Building relationships - contact with your vis a vis (interviewee, meeting or audience)

  The role of the facilitator in different settings (panel discussion, etc.). (panel discussion, live 

  event, conference, concert, event, meeting)
  Practical exercises and facilitation

Communication and facilitation techniques can be booked separately or combined!

Bookable as individual or group coaching!

Tell me about your wishes and book an introductory lesson or a non-binding initial consultation!

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