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"Speak softly and carry a big stick;
you will go far."

In my voice and speech coaching, following T. Roosevelt (who was very fond of this West African Proverb), it is not only about the volume in the voice

but about the coherence in the voice; in the person.
I wish for a world full of colourful voices and potentials and places
where this diversity can be lived.
Join me and get to know your potentials in a one-to-one training
and/or with your colleagues or team members.

Use and expand your diversity!

Let's talk!

Voice and speech coaching

Empower your voice!

The sound makes the music -

and the same goes for speaking.

How you say something is often more important than what you say.

You use your voice to convey emotions, messages, your opinion and your ideas. You negotiate, you pitch, you moderate, you present, you listen, you agree, you mediate, you communicate (with and without sound).

Regardless of whether you are speaking in front of many people, conveying content to classes or teams, recording podcasts or working with people in a one-to-one setting.

Working with your voice pays off.

Contact me now for your non-obligation introductory meeting by phone or Zoom!

Set your own focus on speaking, presence, moderation or arrange a combination with me that is right for you and strengthens you!

This is YOUR coaching -

you decide the direction!

speech technique for teachers

"Why the voice is so important only becomes clear when it's gone."

In the teaching profession, we use our voice 6-8 hours a day. Reason enough to know our voice well and to be able to use it economically and consciously. A confident use of the voice not only strengthens you as a teacher, but also your listeners.

presence & performance

Whether in your professional life or on stage, learn to be present and genuine and bring coherence to your body language, voice and behaviour!

voice & speech coaching

Learn to use your voice more easily and assertively without straining it! Radiate confidence and competence through the clear use of your voice!

For speaking professions, presenters, managers, therapists, doctors, interested parties.

facilitation & communication

You want to communicate in a strength-orientated way, formulate more clearly and no longer be "run over". Do you want to conduct conversations confidently and get tools for good moderation? Understand your own rhetoric and expand your communication vocabulary.

"Leni accompanied me on my path to discovering and strengthening my voice with great sensitivity, openness and humour. In just 5 sessions, I learnt more about my voice and breathing than I ever expected, making my everyday work and personal life so much easier. A clear recommendation!"

Roxane - Project Manager

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Find the tone for your mission!

In small groups, in a safe and appreciative atmosphere will get to know your voices better.


"Make yourselves heard"

Experience new content and exercises together and stick with it as a group after the workshop!

Get in touch if you are an association, group of friends or initiative looking for support in voice training and want to find a common voice!

Tell me more about your ideas!

Individual training

Whether you're about to speak in front of 40 or 500 listeners, are a coach or teacher with an eye on your vocal health, are taking on a new leadership position, want to improve your podcast performance or simply want to find your authentic voice - I'll support you in developing your empowering voice tools. "Make yourself heard."

Get to know your vocal potential and put it into practice!




Send me your goals!


Teamwork thrives on diversity. How we speak to each other with different communication strategies and voices shapes the corporate climate.

In my seminars (in-house training, on-the-job training, webinar or online training) we work on individual vocal potential and group goals.

Depending on the profession and your needs, I adapt the content and exercises.


Feel free to contact me!

Stimmcoaching Stimmtraining voice training Wien Vienna Helene Griesslehner_edited.png

Free Workbook "Stimmige Präsenz" (only german)


Das Konzept der "Stimmigen Präsenz" legt das Fundament für deine Stimmentfaltung.

  • Entdecke die 4 Ebenen für mehr Raum und Stimmbewusstsein: Mind, Body, Breath und Voice

  • Lerne durch Reflexionsfragen deine Stimme präsenter und sicher zu führen.

  • Finde Methoden zur stimmlichen Fokussetzung, wenn es einmal stressig wird.

Packages - Individual training

Prices for seminars and workshops by arrangement


Possible contents:

Your context:
Attitude, posture, emotion
Spaces, people

Vocal confidence through breath and voice control


Possible Biases in your work place

Economy and intelligibility through articulation and resonance

First speech design elements for powerful and moving speech




3 individual sessions of 50 minutes each (online and/or offline):

Your investment: € 360,-


Possible contents:


Fund.amentals AND Make your voice resonate - more resonance, articulation, pronunciation

Presence: posture (to), position, hands, movement, space

More speech design elements modulation, tempo, pause,

Scoring your script: Application to your speech, presentation, moderation, lesson preparation

Own & claim your spaces: setting boundaries and building relationships

5 individual sessions of 50 minutes each (online and/or offline):

Your investment: € 575,-


Possible contents:


Fund.amentals and Own.It AND accompaniment of your vocal journey over 7 units with regular practice sessions (off- and/or online)

Voice supervision

Power - Repeating sessions

Specific preparation of your speaking moments





7 individual sessions of 50 minutes each (online and/or offline):

Your investment: € 700,-

Included in all packages:

*Email wrap up after each session
*Inspo exercises - grow-work - from lesson to lesson
*Possibility to ask questions during the joint w
ork phase (E-Mail)


Not sure which option is right for you? Need something custom?

We will discuss your personal topics and goals in our info call.

If you want to figure out, what's right for you, you can also book an

Intro-Session (live/online)

We will discuss your goals, analyse your vocal potentials. jump into first exercises to support your voice: € 125,-


Tip: Voice training is supported by many employers.

Ask for their financial support for voice training for your personal growth!

Heavy voice users (teachers, trainers, self-employed people, therapists)

can deduct voice training as a business expense.

"We tried out a lot of things straight away and worked together a lot. That was really great. The trainer's approach was great, there was always the option of not taking part if it was uncomfortable for someone. Helene has an extremely appreciative way of dealing with people and a positive attitude. I was challenged but not overwhelmed - great!"

Workshopteilnehmerin - Herbst 2022

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