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"The only thing better than singing, is more singing." - Ella Fitzgerald

In vocal coaching, it is important to me to approach the subject of the voice with joy and humour. With the help of holistic physical exercises, breathing and vocal techniques and self-awareness, you will learn to play independently with the variety of individual vocal possibilities.

Vocal coaching

Enjoy Your Voice!

Have you been thinking about taking singing lessons for a while, would you like to discover the fun of singing again or simply want to book a feel good time for yourself and your voice?
Then take time for yourself and your voice!

Tell me about your wishes and book an introductory lesson or a non-binding initial consultation!

Singing For Beginners

Get out of your comfort zone! ... but in a comfortable and safe space. At Enjoy your Voice you can feel safe, work on yourself and discover new things. Come to Enjoy your Voice if you:

- get to know your voice in a new way,

- "hear" better and become confident when singing,

- sing more easily loudly and softly at different pitches,

- learn more about breathing and physical singing,

- get to know relaxation and warm-up exercises,

- you want to learn a particular song, improvisation, interpretation,

- if you simply want to try something new in life and be surprised

Singing for advanced students and songwriters

As a professional - singer, actor or performer - you know how to handle your voice and how to use it. Sometimes it's good to get new input and build on your own strengths. Get Enjoy your Voice units if you want to:

- find and refine your unique sound,

- establish unique phrasing,

- refresh your technique,

- try out new styles such as pop and jazz, or improvise,

- want to shape your performance (with guitar and piano) more consciously,

- you are about to take a (recording) exam, a concert or an audition or

- if you want to fine-tune your songwriting!

Singing for young people and children

Do you love listening and singing along to your favourite stars from the internet or radio? Then you've come to the right place! Coaching and singing lessons with children and young people are all about having fun and being relaxed!

The voice is in development mode - that's why the combination of fun and movement with sound voice training and singing your favourite pop songs is particularly important to learn and enable looseness and flexibility!

I recommend this special pop/jazz singing technique for young people aged 14 and over.

On request and with previous experience also possible from the age of 10.

"After a taster session with the Groove Choir  (also very cool!) and a non-binding introductory talk, I decided to take a block of ten singing lessons with Leni. The lessons were often the highlight of my week and were great fun thanks to Leni's warm manner. At the same time, I learnt a lot - not only technical knowledge, but also more self-confidence and, above all, the joy of trying things out. Leni always responded to my individual needs and helped me to find my own style. I can definitely recommend the lessons with her. The next block of ten is sure to come! :)"

Verena (Project Manager & Songwriter)

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Choir Workshops

Singing makes you happy and healthy, especially in a group! If you sing in a choir yourself, you will certainly be familiar with these wonderful effects. As a choir director and long-time singer, I know how beneficial and inspiring singing together is.
In March 2018, I founded my own open choir - Wir.Sind.Chor - Vienna's first pleasure groove choir.

In 2020 I founded the permant choir: Groove Chor Wien.

I offer the following specialisms for training courses,

choirs and ensembles:
- Vocal Painting (low-threshold improvisation leadership)
- Circle singing and circle song arrangement
- Vocal technique input for pop/jazz choirs
- pop/jazz blending
- Choir performance
- outside ear


Open workshop:

monthly pop song choir singing - no audition - no long-time commitment

More info here

Rates - 1:1 Singing

Prices for speech- and voice training for your professional development can be found here

Prices for singing/vocal coaching:

Getting to know session:

30 minutes € 45,-

50 minutes € 80,-


every further single unit: € 90,-

10 clip card singing
50 minutes*: € 700,- (€ 70,-/Session)

25 minutes*: € 350,- (€ 35,-/S.)
*Valid 4 months from payment

5 clip card singing
50 minutes*: € 375,- (€ 75,-/Session)

25 minutes*: € 187,50 (€ 37,50/S.)
*Valid 2 months from payment

Sing and learn together!
Come with your friend/partner/sister/brother

and share the costs!
+ € 10,- per unit / per additional person

Find your favourite
and send me an E-Mail

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"The sessions were very beneficial and motivated me to make my own music.
I wrote my first lyrics because of the singing lessons."

Martin - Technical Project Manager & Songwriter

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"Leni always takes the time at the beginning of the lesson to make sure that you arrive well and can sing freely. She always focusses on the person and their voice. If something is unclear about the technique, Leni explains it patiently and sensitively and then you practise it while singing. During my time with Leni, I learnt a lot about my voice and breathing - not just practical things for singing, but also for everyday work (e.g. training courses, lots of phone calls). Dear Leni, thank you for that!"

Lisa - Claim & Project Manager

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