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Workshops and talks

Are you interested in the subject of voice, speaking and presence and would you like to use it for your company or share it with your community?

Book your workshop or talk on voice, communication, presence - choose the focus that is important and coherent for you!

Contact me now for your non-binding introductory phone call / online meeting!



Empowering classroom training

A three-part workshop that connects the inner voice, the outer voice and your presence.

“Have I reacted correctly now? Next time I should communicate more clearly! I don't want to be run over ”
Do you know these thoughts and do you want to change them? Then come to the workshop!

Together we analyze how you act in (professional) communication processes, such as conflict situations or negotiations, how you speak and appear and how you get into your clear, strengthened and empowered action strategy!

Your focus

Voice, speaking, expression, presence

In the workshop we dealt with a conscious handling and use of the voice, which enables us to appear more self-determined, congruent and clear.

We will deal with design methods of voice, vocal and linguistic expression as well as posture. Other focal points are presence, moderation, appearance!

Choose your focus yourself or describe your wishes to me and I will find you the right mix for you!


Gendered Voice

Voice is not just wave, frequency, tone - but voice is often a result of socialization. The use of voice is shaped by our environment, growing up and role models. In this talk I focus on vocal habits with a focus on gender.

Lächeln Modell
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